Our Story The 411

From humble beginnings…

Having been involved in the catering industry for as long as we can remember the concept of farm has been a long time coming. Taking snippets from the experiences of past roles and careers the aim for farm is a casual dining restaurant with quality, tasty food in a relaxed & quirky setting. It”s honest, freshly cooked food so you”ve time on your hands to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of those around you. Soon you”ll be filling your bellies with lip-smacking food and scrummlicious wine.

Jason’s honest to goodness, serious passion for food was obvious from a young age. Fortunate to recognize early on that this was and pretty much will be the only industry to ever want to be a part of. Focused and ready for action key choices about those he worked for have given him a skill set to be proud of. Blessed in his career to have worked with or alongside highly accomplished chefs such as Richard Corrigan in Lindsay House and Matt Moran in Aria opposite the Sydney Opera House. Jason began his career in the 90”s in his mid teens under the guidance of Michael Fleming of Flemings in Tivoli, Cork. Coming up the ranks alongside Dylan Mc Grath (MasterChef Ireland) under the guidance of Aiden Byrne (Great British Menu) while working for Conrad Gallagher in Peacock Alley. A brief interlude was spent in La Gavroche, London (Roux Brothers) then on to Corrigan”s Lindsay House. Next stop a return to Cork to Jacobs on the Mall where Mercy Fenton lead the kitchen. A venture to Australia took him to work under Matt Moran (Masterchef). Returning to settle in Ireland Jason took on Head Chef position at the Rectory Private Party Venue. He then carried out a 3 year stint in Annie”s of Ballydehob before moving on to in Carbery, Ballineen. There for 4 years, knowledge for the business side of things was certainly a learning curve that will no doubt play significant part in the adventure that is farm. Thankfully the apron that proves his ”Degree” in washing up which he received from the team there upon his departure will come in handy. Before farm was finally a reality he spent a season in O”Connors Seafood in Bantry.

Likes: Enjoys the company of the two nutter boys that call him ”dad”. Mad in the head about food…it”s all food, food, food, food, food… Loves to use every pot and pan imaginable in the kitchen just to create more wash up. Queue apron. Enjoys a good ol” dance… Can still catch him shedding the odd tear for the legendary music venue that was Sir Henry”s.

  Jason, Chef cook

Aoife was brought up in a family run hotel spanning 4 generations living onsite so it”s been part and parcel of everyday living. Proud to be a daughter to the most incredible, loving, hard working parents (like ever) the hope is to one day achieve standards as good and decent as theirs. Having scrubbed plenty of pots and pans as a teenager (on weekends…seriously) it wasn”t obvious the major joys of the industry. Initially expecting to end up in a career in computer programming having finished a Degree in Maths & Computing in CIT, it wasn”t to be. Since the first encounters with Jason as a teenager his incredible passion for food reignited the interest. Upon the return from the ”Sydney adventure” working together for 3 years in the Rectory with Jason as Head chef and Aoife, manager, has fond memories for both. Recognizing great positives to being a part of the family business in the Rectory for 9 years ”farm” is now the realization for the hope to one day to return to working closely to the other half.

Likes: The sound of our two boys giggling as they get stuck coming down a slide together. Rain pelting off the roof when about to sleep. Sure isn”t that the best reason for living in Ireland!! Weak for potatoes…tis good honest spud country here.

Where we are today?

Working parents to two very young & certainly lively boys now aged 4 & a half (cos you know that half really counts) & recently turned 3, life is certainly a roller coaster. Right now it”s eat, sleep and breath farm (bring on the pong)… in between the odd tickling session or two with the nippers. Outside that, it”s sleep that”s on the radar!!

  Jason, Chef cook